Philippe Lamouris

Composer - Performer

12 preludes

instrumentation: piano solo

year of composition: 2015-2016
duration: 35-40 minutes

The 12 preludes were written during the first year of my research on emotion. At that time, I was actively searching, reading, and focusing on the meaning of that ambiguous term. My original idea was to write a set of 24 preludes similar to the likes of Chopin, Scriabin, Debussy, Rachmaninov. I intended to follow this tradition, but later on, due to the length of the 12 preludes, I decided this cycle was complete.

Here you'll find a short text I added to the score of the composition: 

“My 12 preludes were composed in an attempt to create music that evokes or contains emotions, but without having deep knowledge of knowing what evoking and containing emotions really mean. Everyone has some idea of what emotions are and how they relate to music. There are multiple philosophical and psychological theories and explanations on the subject but common sense and musical and emotional intuition are what drives the listener, performer, and even the composer when listening or creating music.”